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Meet Andrea

Andrea Dickerson is the founder and CEO of IOWNADAYCARE.COM, an organization committed to empowering and equipping childcare business owners with proven management solutions to systemize, organize and maximize their childcare business and their life. She specializes in helping her clients & students set up the right systems for childcare success that helps them increase parent enrollment, hire the right staff, organize you business, and develop your own proprietary systems.

Andrea has created several success tools (including the JumpStart Blueprint) to empower aspiring & established childcare bosses to reach their highest potential.

As an award winning childcare CEO and Entrepreneur, Andrea has been recognized as one of the Best Childcare providers of the year, and is a recognized expert often quoted as an authority figure on childcare growth topics.

Her services and expertise have been featured on early childhood platforms, the National Association of Early Learning Leaders, the National Association For Family Child Care, Florida Family Childcare Home Association, Special E Connection, LRP and many more…

Andrea has a no excuse approach to making it happen in business. She empowers her clients & students to take action towards the results they wish to achieve in life and business.